Comparing the Mobile Casino Software at Microgaming, Playtech and Probability

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Two of the most well known online casino software companies, Microgaming and Playtech entered the mobile casino marketplace in 2005, and have over the last seven years built two of the most reliable and player friendly gaming platforms around, enabling anyone with a liking for playing casino games to do just that via their mobile phone or any mobile device.

With both companies having years of experience in the design and supply of online casino games, their transition into this relatively new environment was seamless, and both companies offer their licensees a vast games portfolio of which many of their most popular online casino games have been given a makeover to enable anyone wanting to play them on the go can do just that. Microgaming Mobile Casino Platform

Microgaming teams up with a company called Spin3 to enable them to get a foot hold in this marketplace, and as such they now offer both stand alone games which players can choose individually, this is accessed by their SpinLite platform, or a fully operational mobile casino, this being their GameWire platform. Both offer Microgamings most popular games which can be played for free or for real money.

The technology used to enable Microgamings suite of games to be played via mobile phones and mobile devices is Java, and as many older phones have this software already installed on their phones this means even players without a brand spanking new smart phone can still play the games.

The way in which you gain access to any Microgaming powered casinos mobile gaming suite is simple. Should you have an older type of mobile phone you simply need to visit any mobile casino site and insert your telephone number and request a push message to be sent directly to your handset. Then by following the link you will then be able to choose which game or games you wish to play.

However players with newer models of phones, including Androids, iPhones, Blackberries and mobile tablets and devices can simply get the Microgaming casino applications by scanning the Q Code on their chosen Microgaming powered mobile casino website, or even get one free of charge from the App Store.

buy cenforce 25 mg online Playtech Mobile Casino Platform

Playtech offer a similar type of mobile casino gambling platform as Microgaming. With attention to simplicity, you can access their most popular games quickly and easily, and be playing them in no time. Their games also use Java which gives all players a robust and smooth style of game play, no matter what their chosen game is.

They offer Apps available for all of todays modern mobile phones and devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, and anyone with an Android phone will be able to access their games, and thanks to Playtech’s know how, these games are easy to navigate and play.

However even the older models of mobile phones are compatible with the Playtech mobile platform, which enables anyone, where ever they are, to be able to play their impressive collection of casino games. To ensure maximum choice and diversity of their gaming suite they have also recently added a collection of arcade type games to complement their card and table, slot and progressive games, which gives players access to all their well known and much loved games.

Probability Mobile Casino Platform

One company who specialize exclusively in the development of mobile casino games is Probability, they have been around since 2003 which, having now had almost a decade of experience in the sole supply of casino games which can be played on mobile platforms, has led to them having a time served and trusted collection of mobile casino games.

Whilst not being able to boast of having made some of the worlds most played online casino games which have made the transition over to the mobile casino environment, they do offer players the chance to play some brand new and unique casino games they may have never seen nor played before.

The games available via the Probability platform are available in two variants, some have the ability to be played via a touch screen mobile device such as iPhones, iPads,the iPod Touch and all Android phones, or for older handset then the standard game variants are offered whereby you simply use your handsets buttons to play the games, both are easy to use and reliable.

Probability games have all been independently verified and certified as fair and random and with games such as Roulette and Blackjack on offer, plus a collection of some unique slot games available, they are building up a very strong player base who like the ease of use their platform offers.

Handsets and Compatibility

You will find that no matter what type of modern mobile phone or mobile device you own, you should be able to play at any casino using any of the above three mobile gaming platforms, and as such if you have an iPhone, iPad, Google Android, iPod Touch, Tablet, Blackberry or a Windows phone then you are guaranteed to be able to play them.

Should you not have updated or upgraded your mobile phone in years then all may not be lost as the Java App which is the key to being able to play any of the above mobile casino platforms has been around for many years and even the oldest of phones may have it pre-installed, so odds on you will be able to play and try this brand new way of playing casino games.

Secure Transactions

All three mobile casino platforms listed above use the highest levels of security to give players complete peace of mind, and as such all financial transactions when playing at any site powered by them is fully encrypted and use the latest security features to ensure your personal details are never compromised.

The ease of which you can both deposit into and make a withdrawal from any mobile casino is similar to playing at an online casino, and as such all transactions are processed in real time and credited to your mobile casino account instantly.

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