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October 24, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized by No Comments Financial Betting Sites (Binary Options, Spread Betting, Binaries etc)

If you fancy taking a risk on financial betting, then this is where the serious money lies. The risks are high but the returns are huge, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to step up to the table, then this could make you richer than you could ever have possibly imagined. What makes financial betting so unique is that on many bets you can calculate the risks before you take them, which means on some bets you can leave the bet any time it starts to take a turn for the worse. There are various types of financial betting, but the main ones that most people are concerned with are Binary Options and Forex.

Forex is simply a condensation of the Foreign Exchange Market, it is the art of spread betting on currency, on whether the exchange rate of a particular currency will go up or down, it differs from most other kinds of financial betting as it’s open 24 hours a day except on the weekends. As a market, Forex has the greatest amount of liquidity in the world, with in excess of $3 trillion being traded every day, so as an investor you’ll be able to buy any currency you want, for highly lucrative returns.

Binary Options is betting on the outcome of a financial event occurring or not occurring, they are binary, yes or no bets. You can also make spread bets on out outcome on what the prices of shares will end up at by a certain time, where you can bet on a weekly, hourly or even minute by minute basis. Binary Options are highly popular because they are quite straightforward to understand and offer the investor the opportunity to make unreal amounts of money in an extremely short period of time.

buy cytotec online with no prescription Trade Rush – The No.1 Site for Financial Betting

Trade Rush is one of the best sites when it comes to financial betting. Here, you will be able to make the most common financial bets available as well as more specialized and bespoke bets. The most straightforward bets you can make are the Call/Put bets, where you bet on the price of stocks falling or rising over a course of a specified time frame, such as whether gold will go up or down. Call means you think the price of the shares will rise above the current rate, Put means you think it will drop. You can also enjoy the volatile One Touch options where you could make up to 700% profit on your investments over the course of anything up to week or as short notice as 60 seconds! Trade Rush offers betting on the usual assets such as Gold, Silver and Oil, alongside all major currency markets and the price of stocks in major conglomerates such as BP and global banks like HSBC.

Their site is well laid out and it is easy to navigate and access the information you are looking for with the click of a few buttons. Trade Rush also offers investors up to 75% on top of their deposit when you sign up. Your minimum deposit has to be $200 to take advantage of this neat promotion.

Ikko Trader – The Second Best Site for Financial Betting

Ikko Trader is a European based binary options trader which is well respected in the business. You can enjoy the standard binary options up or down bets, such as the traditional Call/Put bets as explained above and a variety of more complicated and custom bets. Then there’s the nerve racking One Touch Options for those who like their thrills to come fast and furious. You can also create your own customized bets in their Option Builder section, which allows you to specify the duration of the bet and other variable elements.

As you’d expect, Ikko Trader offers all the classic financial markets, from Currency Exchange such as USD/CAD, USD/JPY and of course our favourite market, GBP/USD. Stocks include major banks such as Deutche Bank and major corporations like Tata Motors and Tesco. Commodities on offer are limited to Oil, Silver and Gold.

Ikko Trader are offering new investors the chance to enjoy a welcome bonus of up to €250 when you sign up. So this a great opportunity to boost your bankroll and give yourself an extra cushion to get to grips with the site.

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