How to Get True Value in Sports Betting

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What is Value Betting?

Getting true value from your betting is going to require you to adapt a military type outlook, and it will be a battle between you and the bookmaker. However it will be a battle you will want to win, and we shall now take a look at ways you get maximum value each and every time you place a wager, it is, after all, your hard earned money you are gambling with!

Offers and Consolation Bets

For the first time online punter, you are going to be able to cream off plenty of initial welcome offers that all of the betting sites will bestow on you. They offer them in an attempt to get you to open an account with their respective betting site and in the hope you will continue to place wagers with them. Below you will find some of the offers currently available, and the only thing stopping you from taking full advantage of them is yourself, so shop around and you will be amazed by what is on offer.

Deposit Match Offers – Many online betting sites will offer you a match deposit type bonus when you first open an account with them, and they are awarded once you make your initial deposit, these are usually capped at certain amounts, however they tend to match Pound for Pound your first deposit amount, so this is a good way to get twice the amount you deposited credited to your betting account.

Free Bets – You will find some of the larger online and land based betting chains and groups tend to offer you a free bet, this is often based on how much you wager on the first bet you place with them. This free bet could be in the next race or for one later in the day, or in fact on any race you choose, and once again they offer good value for money, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Consolation Bets – One or two betting sites will offer you a consolation type deal, and this will see you getting an extra bet or even your money back should certain things happen on the betting event that you are wagering on. Look out for deals whereby you will get your stake returned should your selection finish second to a named runner in the race, whilst not a guaranteed way of locking in value should you horse actually get beaten by the horse the bookmaker names, then you will not have lost out!

Cash Back Deals – Some betting sites will offer you guaranteed cash back type deal whereby should your first bet with them be a losing one, then they will give you your money back, this is a win/win situation for yourself and these kinds of offers should be snapped up! Just make sure the site at which you are betting at is a reputable one!

Best Odds Guaranteed – When you are placing a wager, sometimes you will opt to take the odds offered, or you may throw caution to the wind and be prepared to take the Starting Price, however look out for bookmakers who are offering a best odds guarantee, this type of deal will see you taking a price on your selection, however, should the starting price be higher the bookmaker will give you those higher odds should your selection go on to win.

No Rule 4 – Many bookmakers have done away with the Rule 4, this is when a punter takes a price on a runner, however should one of the other runners be withdrawn for any reason then a Rule 4 is declared which means that a player loses a certain amount of any winnings, this is often declared as a pence in the pound deduction, and can cost a winner dear when they are announced, so if you are taking a price only bet at sites offering no Rule 4 deductions.

First Past The Post – Whilst it is quite rare for a horse to win a race then get disqualified after a steward’s enquiry, or an objection, they do happen, so keep your eyes peeled for bookmakers who pay first past the post. This means that even if your horse wins but then goes on to get disqualified you will still get paid out, plus these bookmakers also payout on the newly promoted first place horse, so if your horse was placed second but promoted to first place you also get paid out.

Win Again Bets – Some bookmakers will offer you a very special kind of wager, here you simply choose a runner, and it if wins at certain odds, then the bookie will give you a fee bet on the next race at the same stake levels as your first bet, should this free bet then go on to win the next race at certain odds, then your next bet will be a free one, lookout for these bets offered, as they can and do offer tremendous value when you are picking plenty of winners!

Increased Dividends – You will also find that some bookmakers have now started to offer increased dividends on all Forecast and Tricast type bets, should your selections come in first and second as written on your betting slip when placing a straight forecast bet, or first, second and third in the right order on a Tricast bet, then do not be surprised to see either the dividend rounded up to the next Pound, or even better still look out for sites which will give you a 10, 20 or even 30 percent bonus on the dividend amount that is declared.

Loyalty Cards – Supermarkets have had them for years, and it was only going to be a matter of time before bookmakers got them too and offered them to their customers. We are of course talking about loyalty cards, and now you will find bookmakers are rewarding each bet you make with loyalty points, and when you have saved up enough of them, which are earned each and every time you place a wager, you will be able to turn the points into free bets. This is a great way to get value from your betting, more so if you are never out of the bookies shop!


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