How to Use Odds Comparison in your Betting Strategy

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How to Use Odds Comparison

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, gamblers now have a new weapon in their attack on the bookmaker, and this is thanks, in no small part, to odds comparison sites. There was a time when if you wanted to place a bet, you simply made the trek down to your local betting office, took whatever odds were offered, or risked taking the starting price, paid your money and hoped for the best, but those day have long gone and now the most savvy of gamblers are turning their attention to the internet.

What an odds comparison site will offer you is that they display the odds for any single betting event from all of the leading and independent bookmakers. It simply lists them for you, however by being able to see at a glance what the odds are from all bookmakers, instead of having to trudge from betting shop to betting shop, you can then find out which bookmaker is offering the best odds, and should you so wish, you can then instantly place your wager on the one offering the highest odds.

You may be wondering why the major betting chains do not simply offer the same odds, thus ensuring they are never undercut and beaten on prices and odds. Well, they all want a piece of the gambling pie, and they all will have different opinions on who will win any betting event, and as such their odds can and do vary greatly.

One thing you will notice is that some of the big bookmaking groups tend to constantly offer poor value when it comes to the odds they offer, whilst the lesser well known chains and independent operators offer the best odds. This is where shopping around comes in, so make sure you use odds comparison sites  and then bet only at the places whose odds are attractive and leave the poorly paying bookmakers to mug punters!

Betting In Running

Some odds comparison sites will also let you check up on the current in running prices offered, once a betting event has begun. This is an important part in any professional gamblers arsenal, as this allows him to take a profit or reduce his potential losses when any event is or is not going his way.

If you have never come across betting in running then this is a way of placing a wager once any event has started, so for example in a football match the odds will change as one team scores, or equalizes and by keeping your eyes peeled on comparison sites as the match progresses some good value wagers may appear, which could see anyone who has had a bet on that match securing a profit before the game ends.

How Comparison Sites Make Money

The aim of any odds comparison site is to not only enable punters to have accurate and up to the minute odds displayed for various sporting events, but they are also there to make money, they do this by getting paid a small commission for every gambler who uses their service to click through and open an account at any betting site listed.

As a punter you do not in any way pay the odds comparison site anything and do not suffer lower odds as a result of using them, however should you stumble across any sites which charge you a fee to use their services, then do a hasty retreat as they should be completely free to use!

The most savvy gambler will, however, open as many betting accounts as they can before using an odds comparison site, as signing up and registering can take quite a while, more so if you are opening more than one, and by having many accounts you will be able to quickly, and easily, take full advantage of the current odds offered by the bookie offering the best odds, by not having to sign up and register, simply log in using your account number and password and get those bets on quickly!

Odd Comparison Site Accuracy

The whole idea of an odds comparison site is to furnish you with up to the second live odds offered by all of the leading booking and betting chains, they do this by using a live feed directly from the bookmaker’s site to ensure you are never viewing out of date odds, which is critical when using such a site.

It is worth pointing out that some comparison sites are not as technically advanced as others, so as with all things in life it can pay dividends for you to have a look around the web and check several of them out before bookmarking one as your favourites, competition, especially online is a good thing.

Be aware   if you are new to placing wagers online, then when you place a wager with a bookmaker if you want to take the odds you have seen, you need to make this known on your virtual betting slip, otherwise that bet may be settled at Starting Price, which is not what you will be wanting, so always make sure the price you have seen is the one you have opted to take whenever you place a bet online.

All that remains for you to do now is to go off searching for some of the best odds comparison sites. There are a great number of them available, and should you not have opened an online betting account before then you could get some generous welcome sign up offers from every single betting site online.

Many of them are giving away free bets or even matching your initial deposit amount, so make sure you take full advantage of these special welcome offers as they can often increase your chance of having a winning session or not as the case may be!

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