How to Watch Live Streaming Sports Online

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How to Stream Stuff Online

When it comes to watching any sporting event which you may have a financial interest in, you will have several choices available, and whilst it is not always possible to get to the venue in person, you can always watch it on television.

However with many TV companies now charging viewers to watch certain sporting fixtures via pay per view, there have sprung up plenty of additional ways in which you can watch these events for free, and these will all involve you using your computer!

Many of the betting sites which let you place a wager on any betting fixture will now let you stream live footage from the racecourse, stadium or wherever that event is being held, however to do this you will have to have an active account with that betting site.

However for audio coverage many of the leading land based UK gambling groups now offer the facility for customers to tune into the live audio feed via their websites.  This lets you hear everything that is broadcast into the betting shops owned by this group. So for all the latest gossip, racing commentary and up to date odds then this is a great way to bet without the need to leave your own home.

To be able to view and hear live commentary, you’ll need the necessary piece of software required to let you do this.  Many of today’s modern computers have this software already installed and ready to use, and it will launch and play once you click on the audio or video stream button on the respective website.

Some sporting websites and betting related sites will let you stream their audio and video broadcasts for a small one off fee, and whilst this may suit some punters when it comes to getting them for free, it can pay to watch and listen to these video and audio streams at sites you have an account with as they will offer it for no charge.

One thing to always be aware of however, more so if you are placing wager whilst an event is in play, is that there is often a delay in receiving the audio and video streams.  As such, you are often watching and listening to them not completely live, but with up to 30 seconds delay which can affect your winning chances should indeed you be betting in running!

Streaming Audio and Video

When it comes to the software required to stream either audio or video then it is Windows Media Player which most sites will use, as mentioned most computers have this already pre-installed, however some may not, so make sure you get this software installed before you plan to tune in (otherwise by the time you get it downloaded and installed on your computer the event you wanted to listen too or watch may be long over!)

Many television channels also offer a live stream of all of their sporting fixtures.  Sites such as the BBC and ITV have their programmes streamed in real time so you can watch television via your PC whenever you choose, and many television channels now let you watch programmes which have already been broadcast enabling you to catch up.

With the advent of Smart Phones and Mobile Devices, it is now possible to watch live broadcasts on the go via your mobile phone or tablet type device, this adds another dimension on your ability to have a bet then watch as that event unfolds.  Most betting sites now let you bet with your mobile or mobile device.


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