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Karol Bāgh Best Blackjack Apps for your Mobile in 2014!

Mobile blackjack is the most popular mobile casino game although slots games such as Mermaid Millions, Thunderstruck and Megah Moolah are also becoming pretty popular amongst mobile gamers. Blackjack can be played easily on mobile devices (unlike most table casino games such as craps) and that’s why mobile blackjack is so popular.  It’s a simple, quickly executed game which everyone understands how to play!

In our guide we’re going to teach players how to play mobile blackjack, but before we do that we want to review the top blackjack apps that can be played for real money. Now you can play blackjack for real money from almost anywhere in the world. #1 Mobile Blackjack Casino – All Slots Mobile (£5 Free Sign-up Bonus)

All Slots is the #1 rated mobile casino in the UK and abroad. At the moment All Slots features a classic blackjack only on their mobile casino app although other variations should be implemented in the future. In terms of compatibility All Slots ranks very high, as their mobile software is compatible with all iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry’s and many others.

Players that have an iOS mobile phone/tablet or Android can play mobile blackjack instantly at All Slots. Other mobile devices are required to download the All Slots mobile app. You can test out mobile blackjack today with a free £5 no deposit mobile bonus plus when you make your 1st deposit All Slots Mobile will double your deposit for up to £200 max.

Mobile Blackjack pays out the same way it does in the traditional games, 3:2. It may come as a surprise to you that mobile jackpot games can offer you the ability to place side bets. The Mobile Blackjack games offered at All Slots may be played in a smaller setting, but the design and graphics have been developed to ensure that you will have no problem enjoying the game on your device. The game is played with 52 cards and you can rest assured that the deck is shuffled before each game begins. This lets you know that you have that same chance of winning each hand. The minimum amount you can wager is $1.00 and the Maximum is $1,000. This makes it easy for you to fit the game within your budget.

#2 Mobile Blackjack Casino – Jackpot City Mobile (100% up to £50 Bonus!)

Jackpot City uses the same mobile casino software provider as All Slots Mobile (Spin3 Microgaming). Jackpot City Mobile could use a redesign, but other than that the mobile casino is awesome. There is one mobile blackjack game (Classic) at Jackpot City and most players (iOS & Android) will be able to start playing right now instantly in their mobile web browser.

There is also a mobile app that you can download at Jackpot City Mobile and you’ll need to download the app if you don’t have an iOS or Android mobile device. Sign-up for an account today at Jackpot City Mobile and you’ll be able to earn up to £150 in free casino credits on your 1st deposit (Deposit £100 to Earn Full £150 Bonus).

Mobile Blackjack FAQ:

Blackjack is definitely one of the easiest mobile casino games to learn how to play. Most people know the rules to blackjack, but if you’ve never played blackjack yet the rules are very easy to understand. You start by placing your bet and after you place your bet you’ll be dealt two cards. Mobile blackjack at the casinos listed above can only be played single handed at the moment.

Once you’re dealt your two cards you have to play your hand until you “Stand” or “Bust”. Players are allowed to “Hit”, “Split”, “Double Down” and “Stand”. Some variations allow you to surrender, but not classic blackjack. You can also buy insurance if the dealer is dealt an ace face-up, but it’s never a good idea buying insurance in blackjack unless you’re counting cards.

In blackjack the card values are as followed. Aces are 11, 10-K is 10 and 2-9 are face value. Your goal in blackjack is to ensure that you beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 without going over the total. The payout in blackjack is even money unless you hit a blackjack, in which case the payout is 3:2.

In the mobile version of the blackjack game at the two mobile casinos listed above the rules state that dealers need to stand on 17. You can also read the rules of the blackjack games once you download the mobile casino apps above. Each of the games has a rules page that you can read over at anytime while playing in case you forget one of the blackjack rules.

How to Play Blackjack on your Mobile or iPhone

Once you have registered for a mobile account you can download the necessary software onto your device and begin enjoying all mobile blackjack has to offer. Playing the game is simple, and the basics will only take you a minute or two to get down. When it comes to playing, you will find yourself betting against a virtual dealer. Do keep in mind that the games are run on Random Number Generator technology so you can ensure fair play.

You will be required to set a default bet before a play starts. You will be able to raise this default, or lower it at the start of a new game. You can change the coin size to your desired amount by placing more than one coin onto the table, or by clicking the – or + signs which are located below the coin on the game. During the game you will be up against the virtual dealer and your only concern will be to beat them. There won’t be other players that you need to be concerned with. After you have placed your wager, you will press on the deal button to begin the game. You will receive two cards from the virtual dealer. The dealer also receives two cards, one of which will be facing up. At this point you will have to make a decision regarding whether you want to hit, stand, split, double down, or take insurance.

The whole object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can without busting. The values of the cards you are dealt will add up to a certain numeric value. Aces can be used as wither an 11 or a 1. Kings through Jacks are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value. So, if you get an Ace and a Jack, then you have 21, or “blackjack”. If you get a 10 and a 4 then this is only 14 and you will want to “hit” which is taking another card to add to your number. If you are confidant of your hand already, then you will “stand”, which means you won’t be taking anymore cards. Players are required to get closer to 21 than the dealer does in order to win the hand. If the virtual dealer wins the hand, then you lose the money you have wagered. One of the nice things about playing mobile blackjack is you can play at any time and from anywhere.  This means you can play when you are in the right mood to really focus on the game and this alone will help you see better results.

There are some other options you should know about when playing mobile blackjack. One of them is Insurance.  If the virtual dealer is showing an Ace, you can take out Insurance. This bet is made by you betting as much as half of your original wager. This pays 2:1 and you will get it if the dealer happens to get blackjack. Another option you may have is to Double Down. Doubling down means that you are doubling your initial wager and agreeing to only see one more additional card. You may want to do this when you are dealt a 9 through 11. This is done because you will have a fair chance of beating the dealer by receiving that one extra card. You may also want to split your hand. If you happen to be dealt initial cards that hold the same value, you will have the option of splitting. This means you will be able to separate those cards and play them as two separate hands. You will need to double your bet in order to split your hand. Once you split them, you will win or lose on each hand individually.

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