How to Play Slots Online

online-slotsWant to go old school and play the simplest online casino games ever? Then keep on reading!

When reading this article please keep in mind that video slots and online slots are two different types of games. Online slots tends to be a much simpler and straight forward game to play as opposed to video slots.

If you have ever walked into a real life casino or your local pub, you will have seen a slot machine before.

What is the difference between online slots and video slots

There are a few things that differ, they are:

Reels – While most video slots offer 3 and 5 reel slots with multiple play-lines, online slots tend to be 3 reels and never offer more than 9 pay-lines on average. Some will just offer one.

Interaction – Video slots offer more interaction, bonuses and features compared to regular online slots. With specific video slot titles you will need to understand the rules before playing, whereas online slots are pretty straight forward and can be learned as you go along.

Which is more fun? – Well that depends on you. Most people tend to think video slots offers more excitement given the extra pay-lines, ways to win and added features and bonuses.

Others like their gaming simple and prefer regular online slots. Each to their own!

How to play online slots

Like we said – the game is simple.

Pick your game – Most online casinos will have a plethora of online slots to pick from, pick the game that tickles your fancy the most.

Read the rules – Each game is unique and will have different symbols that will represent a different amount. Quickly go over the rules so you can understand the basics.

Placing bets – You first need to decide how many lines you wish to play. Some slot titles will offer 9 pay-lines while others just the one. Keep in mind the more lines you play the greater the stake (also the more likely you are to win).

You may be asked to sect your coin size, the size of the coin will vary based on the stakes you selected.

Spin – Hit the spin button and hope for the best.

Result – If your spin is a winning one you will be awarded with a cash prize. Some games will even unlock various bonuses where you will be taken to a mini game that will increase your cash prize.

Online slot tips

Lock up – Online slots allows you to ‘lock up’ profits if you manage to get to a bonus round. For example, if you have managed to win £20 in the bonus round, you can lock £15 of the winnings and keep playing the rest of the bonus with the £5 left.

You can aim to win even higher and risk a larger sum of money but there’s nothing worse than losing all your profits on a single spin. Play smart if you want to go home with a fist full of dollars.

Return to player – Each slot title will have its own return to player (RTP) percentage and this should be a factor in which machines you play on. The higher the RTP the more chance you have of winning.

Play slow – While being a very simple game to play, online slots can also be fast paced. Take the game slow and don’t constantly be hitting the spin button as before you know it you could be eating into all your account balance.


Can you play online slots on mobiles?

Of course.

As we state in all our other how to play guides, don’t expect to find every online slot game you can find on your desktop computer to be on your mobile. Online casinos usually only offer the most popular online slots for mobile play.


If you are wanting a face paced game with several betting options and features – we suggest you play video poker instead. However, if you want a fun, easy to understand and relaxing gaming experience then online slots are the game for you. They can be played while you are watching the TV and requires very little effort from your behalf while still being exciting.

If you want to try your luck at the 1 arm bandit online, every single casino listed in this article hosts hundreds of online slot games for you to play today.

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