How to Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack is the most famous card based table game online. The aim of the game is simple: beat the dealer without going over 21. Blackjack is a card game in which you play head-to-head against the dealer, the goal is to get your cards to add up to the number 21 without going over. Whoever is closest – wins.


Understanding the basics

Blackjack is a card based game that uses anywhere from one to eight decks. The game uses every single card except for jokers. The value of each card is as follows:

  • Ace – 1 or 11
  • Face cards – 10
  • Numbered cards – Are worth their numerical value

The colour or suit of cards have no bearing on the result. If you are holding a queen and the 7 of clubs, your hand value is 17.

How to play blackjack

To start playing you first place your bet for the hand. Most blackjack tables have 5 free seats, you can play every seat if you wish. Each seat plays against the dealer and you cannot switch cards between each seat.

After placing your bet, the online dealer deals you two cards and dealers another two from themselves. One of the dealer’s cards will be placed face-up and the other facedown. If the face-up card is an ace you will be allowed to buy ‘insurance’.

What is insurance? – Taking insurance pays you 2-1 if the dealer does have blackjack, if they don’t you lose your insurance bet.



After deciding whether you will take insurance or not, the dealer will check their face-down card. If they do have blackjack the round ends and everyone loses their bets.

Only players who took out insurance will keep their bets.

Betting options:

If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the person from the left starts the action, they have the following options:

Stand – The player sticks with their hand.

Hit – The player asks for another card to help improve their hand.

Double – The player wants to double their bet and will be given one extra card only.

Split – If the player managers to land two 10 point cards or a pair they can split their hand into two individual bets, doubling their stake. They are now playing two hands as opposed to one.

Surrender – The player gives up their hand and is given half their stake. The surrender is not an option at all online casinos.

If at any point the player’s hand reaches more than 21, they are bust and their bet is lost. After everyone on the table has made their actions, the dealer uncovers their face-down card.

The dealer is forced to hit until the value of their hand is 17 or higher. If the dealer busts then everyone else who is still in the hand wins.

All blackjack bets are paid 1:1. If you place a $5 bet and win, you will be awarded $5 on top of your stake. If you are dealt blackjack (21) then you are paid 2:1.

Hard and soft hands

If you play live dealer blackjack you may here the dealers shout out “Hard 15” or a “Soft 12”. Hands in blackjack are labelled as hard or soft.

Soft hands – A soft hand is any hand which has an ace. Since an ace can be used as 1 and 11. If your hand consists of an ace and 6, you have a soft 17.

Hard hands – A hard hand is any hand that doesn’t have an ace, or a hand that has an ace which must be used as a 1 else the hand will bust.

Types of blackjack

Each online casinos will have different variants of blackjack. The most common include:

Classic blackjack – Found at most online casinos, this form of blackjack uses all the rules we listed above.

Blackjack double exposure – As the name would suggest, this form of blackjack exposes both the dealer’s cards.

Blackjack single deck – Uses only one deck of cards. This type of blackjack is more beneficial to the player as they can make better educated decisions based on the cards which have already came out.

Progressive blackjack – Is normal blackjack with a huge progressive jackpot. Any online casino that offers this type of game will have their own rules on what you need to do in order to win the jackpot.

Pontoon – Is a UK adaptation of blackjack where both cards the dealer has are face-down.

Blackjack switch – For anyone who wants the greatest chance of winning, look no further than blackjack switch. Each round you have two individual hands which you can use interchange cards to make the best possible hand.

There are several more types of blackjack variants online, these are some of the most fun and popular.


Blackjack is the go-to card game all over the world and using the right strategy you can expect to make a pretty penny or two. While we are no experts on the game ourselves, there are plenty of people in the world who make a respectable living playing blackjack.

If you think you have what it takes to beat the dealer, every casino listed on this page offers several different types of blackjack to suit everyone’s needs. Have fun and make sure to split your 10s!

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