How to Play Video Poker Online

If the action at regular online poker tables is just to slow and you want something provides a bigger punch – then video poker is the game for you.

Video poker was originally introduced in the mid 1970s and today can be found at every single online casino, mobile app store and even at several toy stores. The game has become popular because it’s easy to play and fun.

Rules of video poker

Unlike poker, video poker is a fairly simple game and relevantly easy to understand.

Select your bets – You will first start off by selecting the stake you wish to play. You will have the option to bet a bet up to the value of ‘five coins’. The value of each coin varies from game to game.

Starting hand – Once you placed your bets the dealer will hand you five cards from a single deck of 52 cards. The joker may be used depending on the variant.

Discard hands – After receiving your cards you can discard any number of cards you wish and be given new ones. You can only do this once.

Win– After being given new cards, if you cards make a hand you are awarded with a cash prize. The amount depends on the rank of your final hand.

See we told you it was simple.

Types of video poker variants

There are a number of different video poker games, the most popular are:

Jacks or Better – Is the most common video poker game found online. As the name suggestions, the lowest hand you can score is a pair of jacks. The house edge on Jack or Better is around 0.54%.

Deuces Wild – Every 2 in the deck is a wild and can be used to imitate any other card in the deck to make the best possible hand. Deuces Wild pays out higher for hands that contain no wilds and the lowest ranking hand can you can make is a three of a kind.

Deuces Wild

The house edge on Deuces Wild is 1.1%.

All American – Differs to most as it offers bigger payouts when players make flushes or straights but lower odds on full houses and single pair hands. The lowest ranking hand can you can make to win is a pair of jacks.

The house edge on All American is 1.5%.

Tens of Better – Plays the same as Jacks or Better except the lowest ranking can you can make to win is a pair of tens.

Tens of Better offers a house edge of 0.9%

Jokes Wild – Is in our opinion the most fun version of online video poker out there. The game includes a single Joker as a wild card. Hands that don’t contain a wilds pay out higher with the lowest ranking hand for a win being a pair of kings.

The house edge on this game is 1.4%.

Aces and Faces – Gives a unique payout when hitting 4 of a kind. AAAA pays out the highest and the lowest ranking hand for a win is a pair of jacks.

The house edge on this game is 0.74%

What is full and low pay?

Full pay video poker games are ones which pay out nine times the size of your initial stake when you make a full house, and six times if you mange to hit a flush. Low play video poker games only pay out 8/5 on full houses and five times your bet on flushes.

Video poker games with low pay tend to provide the online casinos with the highest edge.

Can you play video poker on mobiles?


Video poker in our opinion is the easiest online casinos game to play on a mobile or tablet device. Keep in mind that you may not have as many game types offered on your mobile device compared to a desktop computer.


Think you got what it takes to make a royal flush? If so – expect to win as much as 1000x the size of you bets at video poker. Video poker takes only a few minutes to learn and once you understand the hand rankings you are ready to go.

We have gone ahead and listed our top online casinos that offer the best forms of video poker in this article.

Good luck and go don’t go too wild!

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