USA Sports Betting Sites (a.k.a. Sportsbooks)

Americans that want to start betting on sports have lots of betting sites that they can join.

The online sports betting market in the United States is huge and every year billions of dollars are wagered by Americans. In the past few years the market has been crushed by sportsbooks going rogue or being busted by the US DoJ, but there are still excellent US betting sites operating.

We’re going to take a look at the best US betting sites below and then explain how to deposit and some of the other things that you can expect from betting online. The fact is it’s extremely easy to wager on sports online and as long as you bet with trusted betting sites you’ll never have a problem getting paid out. There are also perks including cash bonuses and promotions.

Best US Betting Sites

1. BetOnline is the #1 US sports betting site in the market right now. BetOnline has their bookmaking business down to a science and they definitely provide a good experience. They have an unlimited bonus that allows US bettors to earn up to $900 in bonuses on each deposit plus they offer standard odds of (-110), which is competitive in the USA.

2. Bovada is our #2 rated US betting site at OddsWinner. Bovada provides odds on a wide range of futures betting and props betting markets that most sportsbooks don’t offer. Bovada is more for casual bettors that want to wager for entertainment, but the odds are still competitive and you’re betting with the former operators.

How Can US Bettors Deposit to Betting Sites?

Sports betting sites don’t just dish out credit to strangers and therefore bettors need to fund their betting accounts before they can wager on anything. In the United States funding online gambling accounts can be difficult, but US sports betting sites have excellent processing when compared to online poker/casino sites.

Sportsbooks still gladly accept credit cards like MasterCard and Visa although some charge fees now because it’s very difficult for them to constantly find new processors in the USA. Make sure you find out if a fee is going to be charged before you fund your account although if you’re not too worried the biggest fee I’ve seen is roughly 5% of your deposit.

To avoid fees you can deposit using other deposit methods such as money transfers. You can also have your friends transfer you money to your account at most US betting sites, which some bettors have started to do. Unfortunately almost every reputable e-wallet in the industry has blocked Americans from depositing to US betting sites, so that isn’t an option anymore.

Benefits of Joining a US Betting Site

Americans don’t have sportsbooks like other countries and therefore being able to bet with an online sportsbook is a nice luxury because you can simply sign-in to your account on your computer or mobile device to bet. You can bet on sports being played anywhere in the world as long as they’re competitive for the most part as well, which isn’t possible in Vegas.

As I mentioned briefly above, online US betting sites also offer bonuses and promotions. When you sign-up you earn bonuses and BetOnline even offers a reload bonus on every deposit. We’ve explained the bonuses for both of the US betting sites that are listed above in our review section and we highly recommend reading the bonus section over before you begin betting.

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