Learn How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Long gone are the days of walking to the local shop, buying a few scratch cards and searching for smalls coins or getting your fingernails dirty. Try out your good luck within beste live casino online. Thanks to the Internet you can now buy several virtual scratch cards online from the comfort of your own home.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about playing with scratch cards online.

How to play scratch cards online

Playing with scratch cards online is probably one of the simplest casinos games out there today. The game uses no strategy or magic formula. You just need a bit of gamble within you and hope that lady luck is on your side.

Buy your card – After selecting a scratch card friendly online casino, choose the scratch cards you wish to play and buy it.

Scratch – Using your mouse you can click on the hidden squares to scratch off the foil to see if you have won. Each game will have unique animations to scratch the off each card, you job is to simply to point and click.

Winning outcomes – Each scratch card will have its own payout table and combinations for prizes. Some will require you to match up symbols or numbers, while others will need you to match up the dots in order to win. If you do win, all winnings will be directly transferred to your account balance.

Online scratch cards are highly advanced compared to the ones you find in your local store. Some will use dice or have head to head games where in order to win you need to pick the right option. Online scratch cards have evolved to a whole never level and have been more fun to play.

Top 7 online scratch card games

Hand to Hand Combat – Is a game that mimics rock, paper, scissors. The card is split into two sections, the left is your hand, the right is the casino’s hand. If you win the battle you will be awarded with a cash prize.

Hand to Hand Combat is a fun game that offers a return to player (RTP) of 96.75%.

Space Evader Gold – A retro classic on the Atari, this game works more like an actual board game than a scratch card. You are given 5 rolls of the dice and your goal is to get as high up the ladder as you can. The game is fun, fast and gives players a 96.66% RTP.

Six Shooter Looter – Another famous title found at several online casinos. Similar to Space Evader Gold, this game is a board game style scratch card where you roll dice to move up the board. Six Shooter Looter provides a 96.66% RTP and has a pretty huge jackpot that can be won.

Six Shooter Looter

Crypt Crusade Gold – Offers players a set number of spins to advance along the board. The aim is not to land on the danger spaces as you end up losing. Once again this title offers a pretty decent 96.66% RTP.

Lucky Numbers – Gives you the chance to win as much as 8888x times your initial stake. Lucky Numbers is much more simpler to play and is what you would expect from a typical scratch card game online. RTP is 96.57%.

Offside and Seek – Is a football themed scratch card that offers quite the kick. The card is split into two sections, the first section you need to scratch off the foil and aim to match three symbols. On the right hand side you need to scratch the foil hoping to reveal the world ‘GOAL’ to be awarded with a cash prize.

With a RTP of 96.36% Offside and Seek is certainly worth a punt.

Game Set and Scratch – As the game gives away, Game Set and Scratch is a tennis themed scratch card that is split into two sections. The first section you are asked to scratch off 6 panels and need to match three players to win a cash prize. The second section you need to scratch the panel to reveal a ‘tennis ball’ in order to win the second prize.

Game Set and Scratch gives you a nice 96.38% RTP.

Can you play scratch cards on mobile?

You bet ya!

While you can certainly play online scratch cards games on your mobile and tablet, you will be limited in the number of card types when accessing the casino via your mobile or tablet device. Most mobile friendly casinos will only offer the most popular variants of online scratch cards to players.


Too lazy to walk to the shops or tired of the lack of selection offered? Well you came to the right place. There are hundreds of fun and interactive online scratch card at your fingertips thanks to the Internet.

Each online casino listed in this article offers a number of different online scratch cards tickets for you to play online for real money.

So are you going to scratch that itch?

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