Mobile Betting Apps 2014

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Mobile sports betting apps are widely available at the leading sportsbooks and have become very popular.

Being able to bet on sports on your mobile device is amazing and allows you to place bets on any game from anywhere. We won’t get into strategy in this article, but there are numerous ways to use mobile sports betting to gain an edge over sportsbooks.

Mobile Betting App Reviews:

Here’s a quick guide to our betting app and mobile reviews.  In each of these reviews, our editor’s have examined the usability, functionality, ease of installation and exclusive mobile offers.  You can also find quick screen shots of all of the betting apps for the iPhone.

How to Join a Mobile Sportsbook?

The easiest way to join a mobile sportsbook is on your computer. When you join a sportsbook you need to fill-in a lot of account details and you also need to fund your account. It’s possible to do both of these things on your mobile device, but it’s a lot more difficult and you’ll find that it’s much easier signing up online on your computer and making your 1st deposit.

If you don’t have a computer you can sign-up using your mobile device, but just make sure you enter the correct account details and deposit information when you join. After you open an account and have money to bet with you can start using your mobile device to place wagers on a wide range of bets including straight bets, parlays and plenty of other types of bets.

Mobile Sports Betting Features

The features available on mobile sports betting sites will depend upon the site. Some mobile sports betting sites don’t have any features and simply allow you to place wagers from your smartphone or other mobile device. Other mobile sportsbooks on the other hand have plenty of features including the ability to bet on sports in-play and the ability to watch live sports.

In-play betting has become very popular in recent years and there are many handicapping services that send bettors in-play bets to wager on. If you work or aren’t near a computer most of the day you need to be able to place wagers and your only option is to use your mobile phone. With your mobile phone you can bet on basically any bet that you can place online.

A few of the leading mobile sports betting sites in the industry have even started offering live streaming. You can watch a few different sports and lots of horse races on your mobile device while betting on the events. Placing a wager is very simple and all you need to do is select the team that you want and the amount that you want to bet. As long as your mobile device has a good connection to the internet you’ll be able to bet on sports no matter where you happen to be.

Nowadays the majority of mobile sports betting sites are compatible with most mobile devices. If you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry you’ll be able to bet with almost every mobile sportsbook. Lots of mobile sportsbook are also compatible with other mobile devices including Nokia, Samsung and many other mobile devices. When you join one of the mobile sports betting sites on this page you’ll be able to earn sign-up bonuses and plenty of other special rewards such as free bets.

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