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Ukash CasinosUkash is a unique online payment method that differs to almost everything else on the market. You are not required to have a registered bank account, credit or debit cards to deposit using Ukash.

Ukash uses a voucher method where you visit your local store and exchange real money for a 19 digit voucher code. Ukash has become a popular online deposit method over the last few years, and more and more online casinos are accepting it as a viable payment method.

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How Ukash works

As we said, Ukash is a voucher. The sender (you) can visit any store that offers Ukash vouchers and purchase a voucher. Ukash vouchers can be bought with cash, cards, money order or whatever else the store accepts.

Let’s say for example you hand over £50 for a Ukash voucher, you will be provided with a voucher that can be redeemed for £50.

If your chosen online casino accepts Ukash, when you go to their deposit methods you will be presented with a box to enter the 19 digit voucher number. This may seem a bit long winded but is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have a bank account or would like to keep ‘off the grid’ so to speak.

Depositing using Ukash

Depositing at online casinos with Ukash is simple. Simply get yourself a voucher, select the Ukash voucher and enter your details.

Deposits using Ukash are instant.

Withdrawing using Ukash

While depositing with Ukash is as easy as pie, to withdraw your winnings is not so easy. While several casinos allow you to deposit using Ukash not all allow you to withdraw using the same method.

The good thing is all online casinos do allow you to withdraw using several other methods including credit and debit card and bank transfer.

The online casinos that do allow you to withdraw via Ukash will send you a 19 digit voucher which can be redeemed at various ATMs or PayPoint shops across the country.

For withdrawals between £10-50 the fee is £1.05, between £50.01 – £100 the fee is £3.75 using PayPoint. Fees vary using ATMs, full fees and limits can be found on the Ukash website.

Ukash pros and cons

As always let’s start with the pros:

Secure – The biggest unique selling point of Ukash is the fact that no sensitive information is put out on the web. When depositing you are not required to provide any information other than the 19 digit voucher number. You are less likely to become a victim of online fraud using Ukash.

Ukash MasterCard – You can now setup a Ukash MasterCard which allows you to deposit and withdraw at online casinos without a bank account. You can withdraw winnings to the card and withdraw from an ATM or use it to shop online.

Gamble responsibly – Since you need to visit the store each time you want to deposit with a Ukash voucher, they actually promote responsible gambling. If you only deposit £50 that’s like saying I will only play with this amount and no more, compared to other options.

No transaction fees – If you buy a voucher for £50 it is worth £50. There are no fees with buying, depositing or withdrawing at online casinos using Ukash.

Cons include:

Expiry dates – Each voucher is valid for 365 days. While not a huge issue be sure to buy them only when you plan on using them, else you could be at the risk of losing money.

Withdrawing – While depositing at online casinos with Ukash is child’s play, very few casinos actually allow you to withdraw.

Inconvenience – If you have an itch to place a bet over the weekend football or feel the need to play blackjack, you first need to visit a store and obtain a voucher before you can start playing. In a world where we want everything now, this is a big drawback for Ukash.


Ukash is supported in many countries across the world and is a great way to gamble responsibly. The biggest advantage to using Ukash to play at online casinos is no card details, passwords or emails need to be handed over.

Every online casino listed in this article accepts Ukash as a deposit option. If you are looking for your next Ukash online casino, you needn’t look any further.

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