Iron Man 2 Slots

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Marvel is a big deal at the moment, with a host of films and games based on the universes that this comic book publisher has crafted. Many of these have crossed-over into the world of slots, and one of the latest ones to hit the online casinos is Iron Man 2, which is available on the Playtech platform.

About Iron Man 2 Slots

Playtech is one of the biggest online casino developers, licensing their software to European giants such as Bet365 and Paddy Paddy, along with a number of other big global brands. Iron Man 2 is not their first superhero slot machine and it won’t be their last. A few of the previous Marvel releases have offered little in terms of payout percentage and this has disappointed the large following that these games generate. They have tried to redress that imbalance with Iron Man 2 though, and there are plenty of ways to win here, along with a fantastic payout percentage that guarantees a greater number of winners.

One of the many benefits of Iron Man 2 is that many of the lesser symbols cover more than one line, so if you manage to line them up then you’re in for a big payday.

Game Symbols

The game symbols include Iron Man himself, an alternate version of Iron Man and several variants of the Iron Man costume. These are the symbols that pay the least, but if you land multiples of Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson or Robert Downey Jr (all playing their respective roles) then your earnings will be significantly more. How much you win depends on how much you stake, but if you land 5 of Robert Downey/Tony Stark, which is the most rewarding symbol, then you will win 1,000x your stake. There is also a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

Bet Sizes

You can bet on Iron Man 2 slots for very little, selecting the amount you wish to bet per line, before choosing your spins and then pressing the “Start” button. How much you can bet may differ depending on the site you use, but typically the range is between £0.01 and £5 per line. That means if you bet the minimum and play all lines, then your bet will be £0.25. This is all fairly easy to figure out, although there are more options here than on standard slot machines.

Free Iron Man 2 Slots Bonus Round

The bonus round begins when you land at least three of the scatter symbols, which appears in the form of the Iron Man 2 logo. If you only land two of these then you will receive a small payout as well, but you won’t advance into the bonus round, whilst if you land four or five then your chances of winning once you’re in the bonus round increase immensely.

The bonus round is a simple “free spin” round, but one that offers a high payout if luck is on your side. There are more wild symbols added to the reels and there is also an increasing multiplier, which means that ten free spins here can earn you significantly more than ten standard spins. The lack of a highly graphical bonus round is a disappointment, especially as this is a mainstay of the superhero slot machine genre, but when the payouts are so high, you really can’t argue.


Iron Man 2 is the latest in a long-line of Marvel themed games developed by Playtech, and although there have been some duds released over the last few years, this is definitely one of the better ones.

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