Online Sports Betting vs. Mobile Betting

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People have been wagering on sports online with sports betting sites for nearly two decades now. Millions of bettors all around the world have wagered with online bookmakers. The process is very simple and it has become the sole way to bet on sports for most punters around the world.

While online betting has been the easiest way to bet on sports for the past couple decades, the market has begun to move to mobile devices and sports betting sites have had to develop mobile betting apps.

The mobile industry is growing ever single day and the sports betting industry has been adapting. The majority of sports betting sites that we’ve reviewed at OddsWinner have a mobile betting app or platform that bettors can utilize. With mobile betting you can wager on sporting events around the world on just about any mobile device including the iPhone, iPad and Android. You can watch matches live and bet on matches’ in-play using mobile betting apps at the leading bookmakers like Bet365 and Will Hill.

Differences between Online Betting & Mobile Betting

There really aren’t that many differences nowadays between online betting and mobile betting. Mobile betting apps now have basically all of the features that online betting sites offer. The betting selection is the same and you can even place in-play bets on your mobile device at a few of the best mobile betting sites. Some features such as the ability to view stats won’t be present on most apps, but some sportsbooks have added stats and other features like Bet365 Mobile.

You can even watch live streaming sports on your mobile device or iPad nowadays. Certain mobile betting apps are bare bones still, but the UK bookmakers have excellent mobile betting apps that punters can use. You don’t even need to worry about using a computer to deposit/withdraw or anything else because most of the mobile betting sites have registration forms that you can access now. Mobile betting will open up a huge new market for bookmakers and it’s also much more convenient for bettors.

Bettors will be able to participate in the same great promotions and bonuses on their mobile devices. In fact, some bookmakers actually have special free bet offers that are only open to punters using their mobile device. Within the next few years experts believe that mobile betting will be more popular than online betting due to the sheer number of people that use mobile devices instead of traditional computers. Mobile betting sites continue to adapt and add new features as well, which has helped growth.

Should You Bet on Your Mobile Device or On Your Computer?

The decision to bet online or with mobile betting sites should come down to convenience. I still bet online and on mobile device, but lately I’ve been betting more on my mobile device. Trying to handicap sports matches on your mobile device isn’t easy, but if you rely on tips from other sources most handicappers’ text their trades/picks nowadays. Mobile betting is 100% safe and if you want to bet on your mobile device you’ll be able to enjoy the same experience as online bettors for the most part.

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