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Did you know that boxing is the highest paid sport per minute than any other sport in the world?

Forget F1 racing car drivers or Premiere League Footballers, the boxers are raking it in and so should you be too! So while they’re out in the ring getting a battering on your behalf, you can make some shrewd moves and come out on top, even if you’re betting on the underdog or on your man being knocked out! No one can deny that boxing is one of the most visceral and exciting spectator sports out there. Watching men beat seven shades of blue out of each other for a bunch of cash might not be up everyone’s street but if it’s up yours, then you’re in a for a treat. There are tons of boxing matches to bet on, from the WBA, World Boxing Association Heavyweight World Championships to the Middleweight all the way down to the Flyweight and everything in between. Then there’s the WBC (World Boxing Council) which was founded in Mexico, the IBF (International Boxing Organization) began in the US and a whole host of others, which you can bet on.

William Hill – The BEST Betting Site for Boxing

When it comes to Boxing, William Hill serves the knockout blow, which will render any opponent incapacitated and have him laying on the canvas wondering what his name was! William Hill offer the real deal when it comes to boxing with a great range of boxing markets to take part in where you can see just how much what there is to be won! Offering great odds on the latest games, William Hill also offer scrolling news with the latest updates regarding boxers and their matches. It’s a great way to stay informed with the latest developments in the world of boxing and places you in the driving seat so you can make executive decisions on all the action right down to the last bell. You can even makes bets when they’re in the ring, for their In-Play betting section really gets the adrenalin pumping. Here you can enjoy betting on whose going to take the worst battering even when the game’s in progress. So if you ever feel like your last bet is on it’s last legs, then maybe you can hedge your bets and still come out on top.

William Hill offers a no-nonsense £25 free bet totally free of charge when you sign up to their site, which takes the sting out of any losses if you don’t happen to win.

Paddy Power- The No.2 Betting Site for Boxing

Paddy Power know how to pack a punch when it comes to betting on the boxing and they offer great odds on all the matches which you could possibly want to bet on. The site may not as look as slick as Hill’s, but Paddy Power always puts the punter first and without a shadow of a doubt, this is a betting site designed by punters for punters. The straightforward layout allows you to access all the games you might be interested in without any difficulties and is one of the few sites which lists a really comprehensive array of boxing matches.

On top of that, Paddy Power are offering all new players a £50 free bet when you register with them. So you can make a bet up to £50 and not ever worry about winning or losing your money, because old reliable Paddy will ensure that you are covered on your first bet. So there are no bad feelings if you don’t win your first bet, a nice welcome gesture that doubles up on William Hill’s offer. Or why not take advantage of both of them? Now there’s a thought.

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